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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: How to work with the gbuild branch in SVN?
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2016 02:12:15 GMT
Hi Damjan;

The key lies in "svn merge". You may lose part of the history but
most of it should survive in form of mergeinfo.

A while ago I documented how to work with branches somewhere in
cwiki (based on FreeBSD's svn primer). An executive summary:

- Do a sparse check out of the root AOO tree so you get the
root of the tree but the branches do not spend space in
your harddisk.
- cd to trunk (or the branch) where you will be doing your merging.
- You should have the complete tree "svn up --set-depth=infinity"
for the main tree where you will merge the changes.
- "svn merge" the revision(s) that you need refering to the relative
tree for the branch you are merging. It's probably easier to do
this one by one resolving conflicts as you go.


(I already did the sparse checkout + the complete checkout of
main in my tree).

% pwd

% ls ../branches
AOO34           alg             l10n40          pfg
AOO400          capstone2013    ooxml           sidebar
AOO401          gbuild          ooxml-osba      win8build
AOO410          ia2             patch-hsqldb19  writer001

  % svn merge -c r1409397 ../branches/gbuild .
--- Merging r1409397 into '.':
C    main/svx/
U    main/svx/
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r1409397 into '.':
  U   .
Summary of conflicts:
   Text conflicts: 1
Conflict discovered in file 'main/svx/'.
Select: (p) postpone, (df) show diff, (e) edit file, (m) merge,
         (mc) my side of conflict, (tc) their side of conflict,
         (s) show all options: tc
Resolved conflicted state of 'main/svx/'
Summary of conflicts:
   Text conflicts: 0 remaining (and 1 already resolved)
(fix, merge next type of fun)

Hope that helps,


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