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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [lazy consensus] hwpfilter status - preparing axe
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 18:44:39 GMT

AFAIK Andrea has helped to delete the code that managed the filter 
choices in the file dialogs. So, the file filter is still in the code 
but it's no longer possible to see and choose it in the UI.


Am 02/11/2016 04:15 PM, schrieb Pedro Giffuni:
> If there is no objection (as in someone working on it), I will remove
> hwpfilter from the tree.
> As most may recall, hwpfilter was disabled due to a security
> vulnerability. Apparently the format is not in wide use anymore and
> the old filter doesn't work with the newer formats anyway.
> Thanks to version control the code can be rescued if needed but
> now it won't be wasting space in the source releases.

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