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From Patricia Shanahan <>
Subject Re: A Complaint
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2016 15:27:43 GMT
This does not seem like a very constructive response - I suggest reading 
Regina Henschel's message instead.

Unlike much of Apache's software, OpenOffice is intended to be used by 
normal end users. I wish every computer user used backups and revision 
control, avoiding a lot of misery. It is reasonable to expect a user of 
e.g. Hadoop to know about, and use, those things. It is not realistic to 
expect that of every OpenOffice user.

On 2/7/2016 3:05 AM, donaldupre . wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 7:35 AM, J. Myers <> wrote:
>>       I installed the Open Office 4.1 thinking I was doing a good thing ---
>> just adding a processing program that was cheaper than Word.
> How can Word be compatible with Star Writer?
>> Now
>> I regret it and I am more than angry.  I am furious.  Before loading
>> Open Office 4.1, I had and was using Star Writer (from Sun).  I was
>> using that particular program because it let me do things "outside
>> the box".
>>        I am a writer and I had hundreds of manuscript pages stored
>> onto my computer.  In addition to that there were many records
>> and account pages stored in Star Writer.  I don't use a template
>> for my account pages.  I do my own so that I can get more on
>> one page.  Some of my documents were written  for children's
>> books and did not fit any normal template because the words
>> went around some of the illustrations. Not any more.  I will need
>> to make corrections on hundreds of documents and that will take
>> me many hours and many days.
>>       When I installed Open Office  my Star Writer program completely
>> disappeared out of my computer.  Who gave you the right to destroy
>> my property that I paid for?
> You did during installation, when accepting the license agreement!
>>    And when I called up my records,
>> they had gone crazy. The lines and numbers were scattered all over
>> to fit some Open Office template, I presume.  What was one page is
>> now 5 pages and all my formatting is gone.
>>       To describe my emotions toward Open Office as RAGE is putting it
>> mildly.  The Open Office 3.1 tolerated Star Writer.  I had installed
>> both and used both.  Why did you change it?  Why is Open Office 4.1 so
>> intolerant and oppressive?  Also, why can't Open Office offer the
>> option of NO AUTOMATIC SETTINGS or FUNCTIONS?  People like me
>> who have their own ideas should be able to work outside the box
>> if they want to, but still be able to forward the program or store the
>> program as an Open Office document.
> IMO your rage should be directed towards yourself for not creating backups
> of your work.
> and also for being naive to expect no compatibility issues with an ancient
> software like Star Office.
> This is just my personal opinion as a neutral reader of this mailing list.

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