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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: A Complaint
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2016 11:58:46 GMT
Hi J. Myers,

J. Myers schrieb:
>       I installed the Open Office 4.1 thinking I was doing a good thing ---
> just adding a processing program that was cheaper than Word.

OpenOffice is not a clone of Word and does not intend to be a clone of Word.

> I regret it and I am more than angry.  I am furious.  Before loading
> Open Office 4.1, I had and was using Star Writer (from Sun).  I was
> using that particular program because it let me do things "outside
> the box".

Go back to the recovery point set by your operating system. If Star 
Writer does not work out-of-the-box then, use the "repair" feature or 
the StarWriter installation. And as you have bought it, you should have 
got a CD, and therefore you can install it again.

If you have a lot of .sdw files, then the version 4.1 of OpenOffice is 
not suitable for you. Use a portable version of OpenOffice 3.4. That 
does not make any changes to your computer and it is able to read and 
write .sdw files. The support of .sdw files has been removed in 
OpenOffice 4.

If you will have a look at new features of OpenOffice 4.1 without making 
changes to the registry of your operating system, then you can do an 
"administrative" installation of the OpenOffice.

For using a recovery point, read the help of your operating system or 
ask a user group according your OS. If you need help in doing things 
with OpenOffice, we will try to assist you. Please write, which 
operating system do you use, and what do you want to achieve. Perhaps 
before you actual do it?

>        I am a writer and I had hundreds of manuscript pages stored
> onto my computer.  In addition to that there were many records
> and account pages stored in Star Writer.  I don't use a template
> for my account pages.  I do my own so that I can get more on
> one page.  Some of my documents were written  for children's
> books and did not fit any normal template because the words
> went around some of the illustrations. Not any more.  I will need
> to make corrections on hundreds of documents and that will take
> me many hours and many days.

The installation of OpenOffice does not change anything in that files 
unless you save and therefore you overwrite the files. You can still 
read and edit the files with StarWriter.

>       When I installed Open Office  my Star Writer program completely
> disappeared out of my computer.

What makes you thing so? I bet, it is still there in folder program and 
you can still use it. Only some connection between file name extension 
and application might have changed.

   Who gave you the right to destroy
> my property that I paid for?  And when I called up my records,
> they had gone crazy. The lines and numbers were scattered all over
> to fit some Open Office template, I presume.  What was one page is
> now 5 pages and all my formatting is gone.
>       To describe my emotions toward Open Office as RAGE is putting it
> mildly.  The Open Office 3.1 tolerated Star Writer.  I had installed
> both and used both.  Why did you change it?  Why is Open Office 4.1 so
> intolerant and oppressive?  Also, why can't Open Office offer the

It does. If you need help in doing an "administrative" installation, 
then ask here or in a forum.

   People like me
> who have their own ideas should be able to work outside the box
> if they want to, but still be able to forward the program or store the
> program as an Open Office document.

Calm done. We can surely help you, to get a satisfying working environment.

Kind regards

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