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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on a new build system for AOO
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2016 02:01:06 GMT
Hi Patricia .. good point about IDE's.

We have a dilemma here:

On one side ~80% of our users are Windows-based so it would certainly
be ideal to use an environment where we keep both our users and our
developers in sync. Unfortunately the majority of our developers are
not Windows based so ideally we should have an environment that people
on Mac and UNIX find acceptable.

We *could* opt for a dual build system: one with the native Windows and 
another for UNIX and then as anyone adds a library, for example, he/she
would have to deal with both build systems,

This said, having a multiplatform build doesn't mean we will lose the 
GIDE on Win/Mac: major IDEs for Apple and Microsoft indeed accommodate 
for external build systems, and still you can use completion and static 

About the parallel build: one of the complaints many people have
(raises hand) is the long time required to do builds, there is also
a sad reality of the buildbots that still have concurrency issues
in the current build system. I agree it's not the most important issue
in the build system but if we can solve it, we really should.

I will not object to any new system as long as it builds on my
platform (FreeBSD).

What I am expecting, and what other projects do AFAICT. is to go for
a multiplatform build system: Clang is having huge success with CMake.
Eventually we could move to clang for Windows builds as well.

FWIW, Jan Iversen had also considered a similar approach to yours and
did some work with some students:

I haven't looked at it, but the spent several months on it so it
is probably worth looking into.


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