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From Stephan Bergmann <>
Subject Re: Query on C++ UCB XInteractionHandler interface - is it possible to have/write a non-UI-based interface to respond on?
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2016 10:46:43 GMT
On 02/02/2016 09:56 PM, John Dougrez-Lewis wrote:
> I'm looking at coding a pet C++ project to use the Content Brokers provided
> by the UCB/UNO subsystem.
> I note that the XInteractionHandler-derived classes can be used to handle
> responses to supply e.g. user/pswd details for Authentication etc.
>  From a class diagram I've found, it looks like the XInteractionHandler may
> be a UI/frame type class.
> If I want to respond programmatically from my console (non-GUI) program, is
> there a way of doing this - either by writing my own non-UI response
> handlers or by using pre-existing handlers (if they exist)? Is there a
> non-UI route in to providing a required response?
> Any pointers/links would be gratefully appreciated.

Yeah, you need to implement your own XInteractionHandler.  The general 
one in uui/source/interactionhandler.cxx is indeed designed for GUI 
interaction, but there is e.g. 
desktop/source/lib/lokinteractionhandler.cxx in the LibreOffice code 
base that is an example of a more programmatic handling of interaction 

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