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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Where to start?
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 20:17:24 GMT
I can think of a few that are pressing but not necessarily the sort of thing being dreamed

 1. Usability issues.  We have a couple of serious usability issues with respect to the current
code base.  These are at least for Windows:
    a. A method for automatically backing up and resetting an user profile is needed.
       It might actually need to be a standalone utility, but it would be cool to have as
an option where there are messages that offer reset as a way of getting unstuck in a cycle
of non-clearing failure messages.
    b. We need to make sure that failures because an instance of AOO is already running can
shut down the running instance as an option.  We should also turn off quick-start by default.
 Current OS releases do a better job of load and performance balancing.  (Actually, that would
be a very useful quick fix.)
    c. There needs to be clean-up of the Java-required business, both of silent crashes in
the absence of a JVM and in cases where the bitness of the existing JVM is not what AOO needs
(on Windows).
   There may well be long-range fixes in these areas, but it would be good to have gradual
improvement and easing of the current, immediate pain that users are experiencing and that
consume our volunteers in providing workarounds.

 2. Release Engineering.  We currently have no release manager for any future releases whatsoever.
 The stable, repeatable creation of releases, and building from release-candidate source (not
the SVN) needs to be established, and quickly.  Some sort of buddy-system is needed to develop
more contributors who are experienced at making release candidates and there needs to be appropriate
documentation, including what are the commands and parameters for those cases.
   a. At the moment we have fixes on crashers and an encryption problem that we can't put
in user hands.  If we have a security vulnerability for which there is an active exploit,
it is not clear how long it would take to have a mitigating maintenance release.  
   b. The production of signed MSI releases for Windows is urgent as a way of dealing with
download uncertainties and distinguishing authentic AOO distributions from any others.  The
second priority should be satisfaction of OSX requirements for authenticated software.
   c. Having a process where there are systematic, periodic maintenance releases regardless
of feature releases under development is essential.  Those should have minimum requirement
for internationalization, documentation, UI changes, etc., while providing reliability improvements
in a controlled manner.  The QA should consist of confirmation of asserted fixes and checking
against regression.

 - Dennis
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> From: Patricia Shanahan []
> Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 09:00
> To:
> Subject: Where to start?
> I expect to complete my "Building on Windows" project in the next day or
> so, by documenting the results in
> y_step#Windows_7
> That means it is time to pick another project. Any suggestions?
> Here is a brief resume:
> Education:
> B.Sc. Mathematics, Imperial College London, 1970
> M.Sc. Computer Science, Birkbeck College London University, 1975
> Ph.D. Computer Science, UC San Diego, 2009
> Work:
> I worked from 1970 to 2002 for NCR, Celerity, FPS, Cray Research, and
> Sun Microsystems. I worked on application software, operating systems,
> compilers, system performance, and server platform architecture. I was
> performance architect for the Sun E10000 and 15K.
> Unfortunately, my professional end-user applications development
> experience was writing programs that expected punch card or paper tape
> input. More recently, I have written computer performance models in C++
> and Java, and did simulations in Java for my dissertation research.
> Although my C++ experience is rusty and predates widespread availability
> of the STL, I should be able to get it up to date relatively easily. I
> have used templates and operator overloading.
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