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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Thoughts on a new build system for AOO
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2016 19:42:38 GMT
Thanks Fernando,

GYP does look interesting, at a high level.  I notice it is hosted at Google and not completely
spun out as an open-source project. Still ...

There is an interesting mention of GYP use of Ninja in hybrid projects, with an apparently-extraordinary
improvement in [incremental] build performance.  Ninja Build is an ALv2 project,
<> (even though their LICENSE
file is named COPYING [;<).

There is an interesting document about GYP vs. CMake that also makes interesting mention of
a cygWin dependency in the drawback item 3 at the end of Bradley Nelson's document, 

I don't know if the recursive dependency issue is solvable.  It looks like it should be, with
a kind of meta-dependency that allows some imposing of more structure and also expression
of dependencies that aren't easily found by inspection.

This attracts my hacker chromosomes although I think there is always concern for how does
one migrate a system in flight.  Bradley Nelson comments on how they were actually able to
do that using GYP.

 - Dennis

PS: About IDEs.  The popular IDEs have underlying build systems.  One can use the build system,
and the IDE-generated project files to do a build, which is what the IDEs do too.  The IDE
watches the output messages to provide an integrated presentation of errors and other information.
 But that's not the only way [;<).  They all end up running command-line utilities underneath.

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> Subject: Re: Thoughts on a new build system for AOO
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> Sorry to parachute into the conversation, I'm not a c/c++ dev and I'm
> mostly a lurker on this list but just wanted to mention another option
> that you guys might have missed.
> BSD license, written in Python, used by Chrpmium so Windows should be
> supported too.
> If it doesn't help, sorry about that... just wanted to add my $0.02
> FC
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