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From Mathias Röllig <>
Subject Re: Basic editor and key-words
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2015 00:54:17 GMT
Hello FR web,

> When I write a Basic program, some words are blue to show me that are reserved.
> But much are missing and display in green (like LBound or UBound).
> Where these key-words are stored?

There is a difference between reserved words and (predefined) function 
names. This belongs to ALL programming languages.

Option Explicit

Sub Main
	Dim lBound As Integer
	Dim uBound As Integer
	lBound = 0
	uBound = 2
	Dim a( lBound To uBound ) As Integer
	Dim i As Integer
	For i = lBound To uBound
		a( i ) = 10 * i + 5
	Next i
	For i = LBound( a ) To UBound( a )
		print a( i ),
	Next i
End Sub

LBound and UBound are not reserved words.

Regards, Mathias

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