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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Is AOO 4.1.2 notably faster?
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 14:43:00 GMT
Thanks for the feedback Francis,

I looked a bit into the MSVC documentation and it appears their calloc()
uses malloc() internally. It is likely that there are subtle compatibility
reasons for them to avoid some tweaks that linux and other systems do.

Maybe using calloc has secondary long-term effects on linux
or other platforms. At least for OpenOffice, the startup time is particularly
critical so it seems good to have the OS (libc and kernel basically) be
aggressive in this type of optimizations.

TBH, the real reason for the change was not performance but security,
and it’s rather curious that while I am sure other developers spent a lot
of time optimizing the startup, they had never thought of this change



> Il giorno 28/ott/2015, alle ore 20:24, Pedro Giffuni <> ha scritto:
> Just wondering …
> Are people noticing a faster startup in AOO 4.1.2? In the BSDs we generally
> prefer to use calloc over malloc + memset when it makes sense. A relatively
> small change that I did, and was safe enough to be merged to the release,
> might have had an effect there.
> It’s too easy to be biased when you make such changes so it would be
> interesting to get confirmation ;).
> Pedro.

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