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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Release status - Please test OpenOffice 4.1.2-RC2
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2015 22:49:21 GMT
On 15/10/2015 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> It is very important to test OpenOffice 4.1.2-RC2 thoroughly: please
> download it from
> and use it for your normal tasks but also to mark as "VERIFIED" the bugs
> listed at

Use for an updated list of tasks still needing 
verification. Fortunately there are just a dozen of them (plus a few 
ones that cannot be verified directly), and almost all non-verified 
issues now have an explanation of what to do. So I hope that we get to 
zero very soon and then we have a complete assessment and we can build RC3.

> These bugs are now open for a possible RC3:
> - from Damjan; nedds
> more information, asked.
> - Bug in Find & replace
> with regular expression: already accepted blocker, solution was
> incomplete in RC2, now supposedly fixed
> - When trying to access
> a read/only share on Sharepoint an error is shown: This is new but it
> addresses the same use case of the other Sharepoint fixes

This one (Sharepoint read-only) was not even committed to trunk; I've 
done it earlier today. No changes to AOO410 yet.

> - Dictionaries were
> actually not updated in some cases, probably due to a not completely
> clean build, to be investigated

This one (English dictionary) might be a false alarm. Since it is 
absolutely trivial to check it, please take a look when you download RC2 
and post a comment to Bugzilla.

> - Portuguese dictionary
> to be updated: I'll now ask the l10n list to suggest other possible
> dictionary updates.


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