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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Slow but steady, please
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 22:18:38 GMT

This may sound controversial, and is indeed just IMHO, but I am afraid
that the general Office-suite marketplace is stuck and people shouldn't
expect much more from it.

Basically I find myself repeating the idea of the 90's where the version 
of the "brand-labelled-Office-suite-you-are-using" doesn't
matter much as long as they all have basically the same functionality.

Every time I see some discussion about OpenOffice vs LibreOffice, the
subject somehow ends up in the MS ribbon-bar and if someone is going to
implement it or not. We won't do it, and I doubt that LibreOffice will.
Neither project (on their own or even together) has the resources or
interest in running such experiments so perhaps it's time to realize
that the AOO sidebar is the highest UI point in the history of
OpenOffice derivatives and that nothing new is going to come.

Beyond the UI, most changes that can be done have very little 
visibility: there are other minor changes that can be done but we
will be focusing on stability and bug fixes. Apache OpenOffice will
continue being the OpenOffice product that people came to love/hate and
are used to.

If you look at the commercial alternatives, they already moved away from
the UI wars and are now focused on the mobile/cloud markets. For AOO
this has implications: one one hand we don't have the type of resources 
to offer cloud services and complete with existing alternatives. On the
other hand, the Apache licensing is perfect for someone wanting to do
exactly that.

My personal opinion is that AOO has a bright future if we play our
cards right, but it will probably not be what some people expect.

Again all just IMHO,


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