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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Quick suggestion for Calc re: switching sheets
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2015 16:24:19 GMT
Am 08/11/2015 10:42 PM, schrieb Josh Brunner:
> I have a quick usability suggestion for Calc. Recently, I wanted to copy multiple non-sequential
lines from one sheet, paste these into a new sheet, then go back and delete those lines from
the original sheet. I noticed that when I navigate to the second sheet, paste those lines,
then navigate back to the first sheet, my selections are deselected. So if I had selected
20 random lines, upon going back I would have no idea which ones I selected. The easiest way
to resolve this would be to allow cutting of selected non-sequential lines, right now I get
an error message when attempting that. The other way would be to simply retain the selected
lines for the user when switching between sheets. It makes sense to use this as the default
as all the user needs to do to deselect is click into any cell as usual, but save them the
frustration of trying to sort out which lines were selected.

thanks for your suggestion. You are not alone with your wishes.

Regarding the selecting/deselecting cells, I've found a very similar 
feature request in our issue tracker. Even when it's a bit older it is 
still valid:

Cell is deselected when switching sheet.

Regarding of copying/cuting non-sequential rows, this enhancement 
request is existing here.

non-contiguous copy/paste



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