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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: 4.1.2_release_blocker requested: [Issue 121492] Base can not filter by dates
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 16:21:45 GMT

On 08/11/2015 12:02 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 10/08/2015 Kay Schenk wrote:
>> OK, I have my merge ready to commit. But should I actually commit from
>> "main" even if I only merged to one file?
> Thank you, and yes as I saw it the merge-tracking changes are considered
> by SVN to be changes in the directory (so in main, not in the files you
> committed), so committing only the file will still leave your copy not
> synchronized with the repository.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

Well I'm glad I asked. When I did a diff from either main or the from
the directory in which the file resided, it was the same output so this
is why I asked. OK, I will take care of this shortly.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins
 with a single step.”
                          --Lao Tzu

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