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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: STATE OF AOO: Overall Bugzilla Activity through July 2015
Date Sat, 08 Aug 2015 08:36:38 GMT
Top posting.

If the closure of all old bugs is decided, I would like the team to consider keeping the bugs
that have gathered votes. The threshold remains to be agreed on.
We cannot just dump enhancement requests or bugs that draw much attention from users. That
would mean that AOO does not want to take the whole inheritance of OOo.


Le 07/08/2015 09:13, Marcus a écrit :
> Am 08/06/2015 09:11 PM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
>> Marcus, the queries I did for identification of open issues found only
> > issues with no resolution of any kind.  That automatically excluded
> > issues with any of DUPLICATE, ..., WON'T FIX, and CLOSED status.
> OK
>> Older open issues, some from long before Apache OpenOffice was
> > established, continue to receive discussion and comments and, even in
> > 2015, sometimes become resolved, including with fixes.  I think it is
> > good to hold onto the history simply to be able to reflect that.
> Nevertheless I would like to see them closed. It's possible to reopen an issue when one
has the impression it's worth it.
> IMHO "Sometimes" is not enough to justify to leave billions (may feeling) of issue open.
>> I agree that immediate concerns are best explored by looking more
> > deeply into the 2015 issues and discussions to gain better
> > perspective.
>> I suspect the older open issues to look more closely at first are
> > ones that are still being discussed, including being duplicated by
> > new issue reports.
> OK, maybe older issues with newer comments should be left open.
> But duplicates are coming even when issues are already closed. People setting themselves
at CC in the old, closed issue and then open a new issue. The summary at the end is not seldom
"I've the same problem."
> Let's cleanup our issue base. For this we don't need a (new) volunteer. We can discuss
about the criteria and then just close them.
> Marcus
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>> From: Marcus []
>> Sent: Thursday, August 6, 2015 05:18
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: STATE OF AOO: Overall Bugzilla Activity through July 2015
>> Thanks for generating the numbers. Even when it is no surprise that we
>> have many unsolved issues, it's always good to know the current values.
>> In general I agree with Juergen and Roberto, we should focus on the
>> newer times of AOO.
>> Suggestion:
>> To get rid of old issues we need to close all issues that are already in
>> a state short before closure [*]:
>> Duplicate, Irreproducible, Obsolete, Not_an_issue, Verified, Wont_fix
>> As second step we can close all issues that are in status "Resolved" and
>> last updated months/years ago.
>> Then we have a much lower base of open issues and can filter better
>> about age, importantance and severity. Finally it's then easier to
>> decide what to do with the remaining open issues.
>> [*] This makes it necessary to stop all BZ notification mails. Otherwise
>> we get flooded by billions of mails and get hit by the Infra team all
>> summer long. ;-)
>> Marcus
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