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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] Windows build machine setted up
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 16:04:06 GMT
Am 08/07/2015 05:22 PM, schrieb Rich Bowen:
> On 08/07/2015 04:00 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> On 07/08/15 09:50, Michal Hriň wrote:
>>> Thanks for providing a binary, but I am a bit concerned that a version
>>> is
>>> made public, before the PMC have even spoken about being ready to make
>>> a
>>> release candidate or started voting on a release candidate.
>>> Is this coordinated with the release manager for 4.1.2 ?
>>> Please do not misunderstand me, I think it is great that work is being
>>> done, I am just surprised we are ready to go public with 4.1.2 even as
>>> a
>>> pre-view.
>>> <hrin>
>>> OK. Binary is deleted.
>>> This was not coordinated, that was only snapshot .. not release
>>> candidate. All in all Linux 32bit builds from AOO410 branch are on
>>> buildbots, so everybody can downlaod it, this is not secret.
>>> Sorry, that I was excited and want to show it publically.
>> no problem you did a good job and I don't see any problem, you did not
>> publish anything official and just provided a new fresh binary for
>> preview and testing if your build env is working as expected and can be
>> used for a Windows release build. Please continue your tests and keep us
>> informed. I'm would be happy if I don't have to prepare windows builds.
> I'm finding this conversation perplexing, and, no doubt, I lack some
> back-story.
> Surely it's wonderful that someone is producing binaries for folks to
> try out, right? Why would we want them to be deleted, and not publicized?


> Binaries are not (as has been discussed DOZENS of times) official
> releases. And anyone is free to take our code and push out binaries.

Of course, the official truth is in the source code - this applies also 
for AOO. But please try to imagine that the AOO users think different. 
Just a few percent are interested in the source code. But the very most 
trust in the binaries as nearly no end-user is building from the source code

> Can someone explain to me what the problem is here? We should be
> encouraging the work that Michal is doing, celebrating it, tweeting it,
> and encouraging everyone and their grandmothers to try out this new build.
> What am I missing?

Maybe Jan was afraid that a new version could come into the public too 
early, others can see it as new release - and then the problem is just 
starting: we have to deny this, discussions here and there, and nobody 
wants to have this mess.

However, all the problems can be easily solved with coordination and 
communication (e.g., offering binaries only from Apache infra systems 
like people@a.o, agreeing on file nameing to differentiate clearly from 
release builds, etc.).


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