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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: STATE OF AOO: Overall Bugzilla Activity through July 2015
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2015 12:18:17 GMT
Thanks for generating the numbers. Even when it is no surprise that we 
have many unsolved issues, it's always good to know the current values.

In general I agree with Juergen and Roberto, we should focus on the 
newer times of AOO.


To get rid of old issues we need to close all issues that are already in 
a state short before closure [*]:

Duplicate, Irreproducible, Obsolete, Not_an_issue, Verified, Wont_fix

As second step we can close all issues that are in status "Resolved" and 
last updated months/years ago.

Then we have a much lower base of open issues and can filter better 
about age, importantance and severity. Finally it's then easier to 
decide what to do with the remaining open issues.

[*] This makes it necessary to stop all BZ notification mails. Otherwise 
we get flooded by billions of mails and get hit by the Infra team all 
summer long. ;-)


Am 08/06/2015 04:56 AM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
> In looking for visible indicators of project activity, I created an overview of Bugzilla
activity from November 2012 through July 2015.
> This is a high-level view of gross activity and does not provide fine details.  There
is still an interesting picture.
> My complete tabulation is available in a PDF document at
> <>.
> Here is a summary of what I captured.
>    2012-11: #121299 First new issue in the Bugzilla of the AOO Top Level Project.
>    2015-07: #126439 Last new issue in the Bugzilla at the end of July, 2015.
> By years, (2012 and 2015 partial)
>   2012    2013   2014   2015
>    929    2136   1739    441 BZ items/month
>    133     198    170     65 New issues/month
> (averages are rounded to whole numbers)
> As of 2015-08-05
>    * the oldest open issue is #497 created
>      2001-03-02
>    * 24115 issues still open from before
>            November, 2012
>    *  2232 issues remain open of the 5139
>            new issues from November, 2012
>            through July, 2015
>    *   192 issues remain open of the 452
>            of those created in the first
>            7 months of 2015
> The most noticeable aspects are the steady decline in monthly Bugzilla items (i.e., entries
of all kinds) and in the number of those that are introduction of new issues.
> The next observation is of the tremendous number of open issues that preceded the commencement
of Apache OpenOffice following the incubation period begun in June 2011.
> To see other patterns, it is necessary to examine finer details.  I propose to do that
only for 2015, so we have a better community understanding of what is happening with issues
at this time.
> I have no interpretation of these trends, and the burden inherited by Apache OpenOffice,
other than noticing what they are.
>   -- Dennis E. Hamilton

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