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From Michal Hriň <>
Subject Can't access to "people" with SSH (was: [NOTICE] Windows build machine setted up)
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2015 10:52:45 GMT
you wrote you had uploaded the SSH keys to, that is a
first step.Next a couple of questions:
- which terminal program do you use ?
I use putty, and had to generate the keys with puttygen, you also have
remember to
configure the terminal program to use SSH (not telnet) and give a path
your part of the key.

- What exactly happens ? is your key rejected or do you get some kind
key error ?


I am using graphical terminal emulator xfce-terminal, bash and openssh
6.9p1 ...

so I need to generate keys : ssh-keygen -t rsa

Now I need to start agent and give to it keys:

I can check if the agent has keys with:
ssh-add -L
ssh-add -l

Now I am going to id webadmin and copy paste here public ssh-key.

I am awiting that I can connect:
ssh myid@people... or
ssh -2 myid@people... to force v2 protocol.

The output is:
Note: logging in to this server with a password has been disabled. 

Please see :

Remember to load your ssh key:-

See:  ;

Permission denied (publickey).

I remembered that, I had setted up keys connection some years ago,
nowadays I do not have old keys. In that time I had to copy my public
key, to .ssh/authorized_keys file on people machine. Now I am not able
to do this. Maybe this is the problem.

Michal Hriň   


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