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From Jason Marshall <>
Subject RE: Building query: .bootstrap
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2015 21:28:27 GMT
With reference to the query below and having examined the 'bootstrap' script, I realised that
the script was expecting to be able to 'cd' to a directory named 'DMAKE_4_12', using the comment
cd "$dmake_directory_name" || exit
However, the following command in the 'bootstrap' script resulted in the dmake archive being
extracted to a directoyr named 'dmake-DMAKE_4_12' resulting in the above command failing,
as indicated in my original e-mail below.
tar -xzf "dmake_full_package_name"
Accordingly, I manually added the following line to the 'bootstrap' script following the tar
command, which renames the directory where dmake was extracted to, so allowing the script
to change to the expected directory:
mv dmake-DMAKE_4_12 $dmake_directory_name
The workaround above is perhaps obvious when isolated as above, but I am unclear if this means
that there is essentially an error in the 'bootstrap' script which is included or created
as part of the download of the source code.  Or alternatively perhaps my own specific platform
(Windows 7 32 bit) is causing this problem.
Anyway, having made the change above, bootstrap appears to have run and concluded without
an error message.
Kind regards

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> To:
> Subject: Building query: .bootstrap
> Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2015 15:52:32 +0000
> Hi everyone
> I am building OpenOffice on a Windows 7 system and have got so far as successfully running
.configure.  Following this, I execute .bootstrap, but I note the following:
> * When the missing tarballs and external sources are downloaded, the script seems to
identify that for some of these, the checksum does not match that expected.  Could anyone
tell me why this would occur and if this is an issue from a security standpoint?  I. e. is
it possible that what is being downloaded by .bootstrap is unsafe?  Also, is it okay to simply
progress to the build anyway?
> * .bootstrap ends with the following:
> DMAKE_4_12.tar.gz exists
> epm-4.2.tar.gz exists
> making and entering C:/cygwin/tmp/aoo-4.1.1/main/solenv/
> unpacking /tmp/aoo-4.1.1/ext_sources/7abf18f59ca96a3d463386e6d1456138-DMAKE_4_12.tar.gz
> entering DMAKE_4_12
> ./bootstrap: line 100: cd: DMAKE_4_12: No such file or directory
> The message clearly tells me that a directory does not exist, but I would assume that
this directory would be created automatically.  Would anybody know what has gone wrong here?
> Thank you for your help.
> Kind regards
> Jason
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