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From "Marco A.G.Pinto" <>
Subject English Dictionaries updated - 1-JUN-2015
Date Sat, 30 May 2015 23:46:55 GMT

I have released a new version of the English dictionaries for OpenOffice:
- en_CA (Canadian) (updated: 2015-05-18)
- en_GB (British) (updated: 2015-06-01)*
- en_US (American) (updated: 2015-05-18)

* en_GB has 564 new words.

You canwait a few days until AOO triggers it or download it from the 
Extension site:

Also, the Mozilla en_GB:

And the Proofing Tool GUI project site:

In the second half of June I will try to enhance Proofing Tool GUI (the 
Hunspell tool I use for editing the dictionaries) in order for it to 
accept also:
     1) FLAG long     2) FLAG num
At first I thought it would be very hard but, during sleep, I came up 
with an easy idea (just waiting for my vacation).
Still, it won't support recursivity since it is very complex... but I am 
always coming up with new ideas... and maybe I will figure out something 

Also, I only added 564 new words this time because my PhD supervisor has 
been over me saying "More studying and less hobbies" :-(


Kind regards from your friend,
    >Marco A.G.Pinto


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