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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Review and improve graphics memory handling
Date Mon, 25 May 2015 22:28:59 GMT

On 05/25/2015 11:03 AM, Rory O'Farrell wrote:
> There are constant reports of images going missing in OO Writer.  The
> problem is not consistently reproducible, but is there nevertheless.
> A recent report suggests it might be memory related: 
>  It is also informative to move back along that thread for other
> instances of the problem.  I doubt that we can dismiss all
> occurrences of this problem as "finger trouble" (i.e., improper user
> usage).
> Might it be time to consider increasing the maximum memory allocation
> for graphics (currently 256 MB) and to review the memory management
> of the suggested compilers?  Also, in case the problem arises from
> background processing which has not completed on shut down of OO,
> ought a "please wait" flag be displayed, a flag specifically keyed to
> any such background process?
> In these days of large memory 256MB is a very small allocation.
> Having observed OO's use of memory with large text (not graphics)
> files I note that its allocation and consumption of memory is
> increasingly slower as the amount of memory used by it increases.  It
> is most certainly not linear - I have no accurate method of deciding
> if the increase in slowness is geometric or even exponential.

I found John Ha's analyses and comments back from Apr, 2014 very
informative. And, his final followup on Jun 7, 2014 certainly indicates
the problem stems from exceeding the graphic memory limits.

I couldn't find an actual issue that directly related to this so I will
enter one, and reference this thread.   Maybe that will help raise
attention to it.

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