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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Usage about pyuno
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 07:34:49 GMT
Am 05/08/2015 04:14 AM, schrieb He Sun:
> I need your *HELP*
> The problem is, using "" to convert "tmp.xls" to "tmp.pdf",
> but the "tmp.pdf" has page info '1' on the head and tmp.xls on the foot, and the
> excel didnot fill the full pdf page.
> I want:
> 1. remove '1' from the head.
> 2. remove 'tmp.xls' from the foot.
> 3. extends the excel to fill the full pdf page.
> How can I achieve these goals by using OpenOffice?

I don't know if you want or have to solve the problems via API 
programming. Then I cannot help you.

Otherwise here are some comments:
- Please check the output via "File - Page preview". Here you can 
already see the header/footer data and the size of the print out.

- The XLS file includes an enabled header and footer. Therefore you see 
the file name and page number there. Go to "Format - Page" and uncheck 
the option on the header/footer tab page ("Header on" and "Footer on").

- When you want to see the complete sheet in the PDF then you have to 
scale the page. Go to "Format - Page - Sheet - Scaling factor". I've 
seen good results until 180%. More will breakup into more pages.
However, I've checed the display only with page format "A4". With other 
page formats the results are likely different and a higher scaling 
factor could be possible.

I hope this helps.


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