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From Guy Waterval <>
Subject Re: OOo4Kids & OOoLight Status
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2015 20:59:56 GMT
Hi Jan,
Hi all,

2015-02-16 10:26 GMT+01:00 jan i <>:

> In order to keep it (as AOO) we. need to know
> - is the brand registred and eho has the current right to the brand
> - can we as AOO provide resources to keep this alive
> I think it is a good downstream project, but I do not currently see a
> possibility to add this to the AOO project.

Hi Jan,
Hi all,

Many thanks for the proposition. But I think (personal opinion, I don't
speak for educoo) that it would be a waste of ressources, as we don't
actually have the needed dev capacity to assist in such a process. For me,
the best way is to maintain the availability of OOoLight and OOo4Kids (they
are always usable), but the users should be informed (for transparency
purpose) that their developpement is currently discontinued due to a lack
of developers.

Regarding a possible personalization of the UI of AOO to fit it better for
Kids or users with low needs, here are some thoughts. Please, consider that
it is not a request but only "some thoughts" to enhance the use of profiles
and get again more flexibility to AOO. All this can perfectly be managed

Reading the posts of jonathon and Dennis, perhaps a possible way :

Command : Tools > Options > Appearance > Select UI-Profile ... opens the
Dialogbox "Available UI-Profiles".

Dialogbox "Available UI-Profiles"
Lists the existing profiles from the "AOO_4.1\User\OpenOffice4\" directory
(Windows example) and allows to activate, delete or export one of them or
allows to add a new one.
Button "Add a new Profile ..." : opens the dialogbox "Add a new Profile" to
add a new Profile to the list.
Button "Activate profile" :
- renames the actual activ profile "user" and restores its original name.
- renames the choosen profile as "user" and stores its original name in a
- restarts AOO with the choosen profile.
Button "Cancel" to quit.
Button "Delete" : to suppress a selected profile after advertisement ("Do
you really want to suppress the sected profile ?").
Button "Export" : creates a zip archive of the selected profile in the list
to can save and share it with other users, or send a corrupt profile for
Button "Help" : displays an information text about what is a profile and
what is stored in it. It's not so clear for most users (me included). An
opportunity to clarify definitely this question.

Dialogbox "Add a new UI Profile"
Allows to install a new Profile in the "AOO_4.1\User\OpenOffice4\" directory
- Button "Browse" near an editing zone to search the new Profile (.zip
file) to install.
- Button "OK" : unzip the choosen .zip file and installs the resultant
directory to the  "AOO_4.1\User\OpenOffice4\" directory. Returns to the
dialogbox "Available UI-Profiles" and actualizes the list.
- Button "Cancel" to quit and return to the dialogbox "Available
UI-Profiles" without modifications.

Possible interests :
- more flexibility with a single product. No reduction of size, but most
computers currently support AOO without any problem.
- adaptable UI in a school context or for users with low needs.
- for advanced users, possibility to create more sophisticated profiles
(integrating sets of special templates or galleries, etc. ) for specific
purposes (i.e. lawyers, translators, specific technical needs),  and
shareable with other colleagues.

Some questions about that :
- Interest or not, from a marketing point of view, for instance?
- Feasability : easy or not easy task ? Cost of ressources acceptable or
not ?Unreachable objectiv ?
- Implementation directly in the AOO code obligatory or possible
installation through an  extension "ChangeProfile" ?
- Standard profiles could be created inside the users mailing list, after
discussion, to select the commands to integrate by default in the the
different standard levels. Certainly not a trivial work to select the
commands. After that, an advanced user can always refine the standard
profiles or replace them with its own personal profiles.

Thank you to have read this piece of bad English up to the end ;-)


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