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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Keith McKenna as CWiki admin
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 17:07:03 GMT
Dave Fisher wrote:
> AFAIK CWiki Admin privileges extend to the whole of Confluence

No. Maybe the "Admin Privileges" I have in mind mean something else than 
the Admin Privileges you have in mind. My privileges are limited to 
adding (whitelisting) users to the OOOUSERS space and making some other 
administration (like changing logo) to that space. I have no permissions 
over other spaces. I can't even add users to groups, or see their e-mail 

> Infrastructure will need to be made aware of this request and grant the rights.

Sure. My so-called Admin privileges do not allow me to create a new 
space administrator for OOOUSERS, so it is automatic that Infra will 
need to allow this. I assume you Dave have more extended permissions, 
but the level of permissions I'm proposing we give to Keith is my set of 
permissions. This doesn't require a special CWiki experience other than 
the normal page editing that all of us have done on CWiki.

> I still have admin rights in case of an urgent need.

OK, and I plan to keep my current privileges too.


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