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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: PMC Chair nominations
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 22:07:38 GMT
On 26/01/2015 Dave Fisher wrote:
> Please make sure that the language for the candidates who are not
> currently on the PMC includes the language to elect them to the PMC
> in addition to being elected to PMC Chair.

Sure. This was already covered in previous discussions. Don't worry, I 
know what to do.

Dennis: it is not exactly as you outline, but, again, I will take care 
of it. Namely, the Board always has the last word on PMC members. So it 
is not true that I have superpowers to add new people to the PMC, or 
even that the PMC can decide to appoint a new PMC member. The Board can 
veto PMC additions (which in practice never happens, but this is how it 
works at Apache).

Anyway, the one thing you shouldn't care about is procedural issues 
related to the vote. I'm well prepared on this and, ahem, I even had the 
opportunity to rehearse very recently. So I recommend that the 
discussion focuses on other issues.


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