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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Re: [VOTE] New Apache OpenOffice PMC Chair
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2015 18:10:53 GMT
The same for me. I also think Louis could do the job - also because of 
his past.


Am 01/20/2015 11:42 AM, schrieb Ian Lynch:
> My view is more positive. Louis has at least one thing in his favour - long
> term experience. Also I think he has a clear track record of commitment to
> the project in difficult times. I have had differences with him in the
> past, but I think that is just part of any pluralist system. I don't
> particularly want to be in a situation where everyone has to agree with
> everyone. What matters is matching experience and expertise to the job and
> the evidence is he knows this job is different from the previous community
> manager job he had with Sun. For a start he isn't getting paid to do it
> now.
> On 20 January 2015 at 09:32, Jürgen Schmidt<>  wrote:
>> On 20/01/15 00:29, Louis Suárez-Potts wrote:
>>>> On 19 Jan 2015, at 13:32, Kay Schenk<>  wrote:
>>>> I am probably seeming very disagreeable here.
>>> Nope. You'll have to try harder :-)
>>> More seriously, you point to a flaw that was not evident on an abstract
>> level but was in practice. I had an IM conversation with Andrea over the
>> weekend, where I proposed that I withdraw my nomination, as having several
>> -1 obviously damaged the ideal of consensus. An objection to my doing that
>> now is that it's not clear what would be gained. Andrea and others believe
>> that the election process has proceeded as it ought to have, with enough
>> time allowed for discussion and then vote. But you argue the contrary, and
>> it seems that a couple of others share your views.
>>> I have no problems withdrawing my candidacy and asking for new round.
>> But I do want to point out a couple of things. 1. The chair role is not at
>> all like that of, itself a kind of blur. This role is far
>> more precisely defined and is an admin role. It actually rather resembles
>> some of what I did while at CollabNet, and that included a lot of issue
>> cleaning, tracking, infra stuff, permissions management, and so on. That I
>> see some value beyond this is my take on it; as you know, Jan, for
>> instance, has another. 2. I thought that the PMC could be reevaluated,
>> though I'm by no means sure in what way, exactly. But I don't need to be;
>> others have good ideas, I believe, or at least ideas that could be aired. I
>> thought, and I think I was not alone in in this, that any re-doing of the
>> PMC, however, should logically proceed *after* the election, as the
>> candidate is elected by the binding votes of those making up the existing
>> PMC. The sequence I envisioned was: A. Election; B. P
>>   M
>> C re-evaluation; C. New election if need be or is desired. There is no
>> absolute set term for the chair.
>>> Finally, I also felt that Andrea wanted to step down and do it before
>> February. But as he's recently underscored, he's not working on a deadline,
>> just a desire.
>>> All that said, if we do want to go with a new round, starting from
>> scratch, then suggest a sequence and timing. Personally, it might be
>> cleaner—and also save time, in the end, to wait out this round, and if it
>> failed as an election, *then* start afresh. In this event, then we'd start
>> with the new process next week, I'd guess.
>> sorry for not answering earlier but I was on vacation and missed the
>> whole discussion ...
>> I will not vote right now because I believe the currently ongoing vote
>> shows already a clear signal. Well it is up to Louis to interpret the -1
>> votes on his own but I personally believe that Louis with his long
>> history as community manager (how it was called) is somewhat negative
>> contaminated and I believe he won't be the right PMC chair for the moment.
>> I propose a second round with hopefully more nominated candidates and it
>> is not necessary to have a long history in AOO. Just keep in mind the
>> role of the PMC and think if you can manage it. If you are motivated to
>> do it and help the project to move forward.
>> This is my personal opinion only
>> Juergen

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