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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Explaining Java (was RE: Java 32)
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2014 09:30:06 GMT
On 28/12/2014 Marcus wrote:
> Am 12/27/2014 12:44 AM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>> In "xx" we try to avoid too many subdirectories. The Java file could
>> find a place in the "product" directory, and be referenced from the
>> leftnav in that directory (extended a few hours ago).
> in general, I would agree with you. However in this well-known case
> "I've a problem with Java resp. JRE - What to do?" I would make an
> exception here as it is easier for the average user to remember
> "" resp. "". Yes, it's in the
> dialog box but IMHO not clickable

OK, good point. And now it is well past time this conversation had to 
stop and turn into action, so I highly recommend that you open an issue 
and that we have further discussion there if needed, or that we just get 
it done!


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