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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Staging 4.1.2 (was RE: Budapest and thereafter.)
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2014 00:59:56 GMT
OK, here is why I was looking for this.  Thanks for the links, Kay.

The RAT scan linked to in the [VOTE] message for 4.1.1 lists only seven files for aoo401/main/writerperfect.

Looking in the, I see 33 files that could have comments
and notices.
Looking at aoo-4.1.1/writerperfect/source/filter/DocumentCollector.cxx, the first one I chose
to examine, I see three Copyright notices and an LGPL license notice in the comments at the
top of the file.

The same file, and the others, appear at 
as well as <>
at revision 1645375.

I'm no expert on RAT.  I can't account for the peculiar situation.  I think it would be good
to have a stronger check for 4.1.2 though.

- Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Kay Schenk [] 
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2014 15:20
Subject: Re: Staging 4.1.2 (was RE: Budapest and thereafter.)

On 12/13/2014 01:37 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Looking around for some other matters, I notice there is no 4.1.1 branch in the SVN.
 Is this intentional?

yes...see the following mail threads

[ ... ]

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