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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Who is active wiki and forum admin ?
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:14:58 GMT
jan i wrote:
> Ideally we should have 2-3 admins for our wiki. When I look at the logs, I
> cannot see any admin actions over the last couple of months, and when I
> look  at some of the new pages, I believe we are getting spammed again.

I create MWiki accounts on a regular basis (from the web interface). So 
at least that activity should be visible. If you see spam, can you send 
some links?

> Ideally we should have 1-2 admin pr national/language forum. Currently most
> forums seems to be without a admin, even the EN forum does not seem to have
> regular admin activity. Bear in mind though, I cannot judge how much admin
> work is needed on the forums.

I understand that it can be painful to do so, but the fact that "most 
forums seem to be without an admin" is scary enough that it's worth to 
understand it better. Without looking at every single detail, do you 
have a couple of examples like "on the Italian forum there is one admin 
and that admin hasn't posted in 6 months"? (This is an example, I know 
that the current admin is active).

What I would like to understand is if we do not have admins, or we have 
admins who never log in, or we have incompetent admins (that is, these 
people are active but you see badly administered forums).

Also note that most day-to-day admin activity on the EN forum is done by 
the forum moderators, not by the forum administrators.

> My intention is to keep the admins and the vm-admins updated before planned
> actions happen as well as this list in case of planned outages, so they can
> take appropriate action.

This is an excellent idea. Actually, can we extract e-mails from all 
admins and put them together somewhere? If I still have the needed 
access, I can take care of it. Fact is, I'm not sure that all admins 
follow this list (and this should be fixed). Missing that, it's probably 
better to contact them personally, or through an alias, as you wish.

> Making forums read-only is pretty easy, its a matter of disabling login and
> not allow anonymous posting. But then I will also ask the these forums are
> removed from the daily backup cycle.

Sounds perfect to me. I guess Hagar's concern is the same as mine, i.e., 
useful content should not be put offline. We can add a prominent note 
saying that the forum is archived and that if someone is willing to 
moderate it they can write to the dev list.

And if I haven't written about this yet, thanks for being available to 
take care of our VMs!


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