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From Darren Myers <>
Subject RE: Can open Open office add?
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 22:23:14 GMT
Nope categorically incorrect, I'm afraid your wrong and you need to look at the code again.
There are serious bugs within OpenOffice, doesn't anyone test the basics?
attached is a screen shot and it clearly shows the issue.  A calculation of different numbers
showing clearly the formula which in excel WORKS! but in OpenOffice doesn't.  
Is it a limitation of the program? 
The only way I was able to calculate was doing the following formula which is medieval   =sum(c5+c9+C11
  etc etc   that then produced a total.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 00:12:20 +0100
Subject: Re: Can open Open office add?

Ok Darren, OpenOffice works fine for me. If I put numbers like 4,5,4,3 
into C5..C8 OpenOffice sums them up - the result is 16. If you put empty 
fields between (why?) you will see, that OpenOffice will mark only the 
last field with a box. Extend the box over all your numbers and you'll 
get 16 again.
Am 27.10.2014 um 23:18 schrieb Darren Myers:
> The reason I ask if it can add is, I don't think it can....
> I found a huge flaw in your program.... the formulas don't work...
> Example =sum(C5:C15)   with a list of numbers... 4, 5, 4, 3 which should equate to 16....
 Well in EXCEL it does!!! Your crappy program adds the fucking numbers and  comes up with
3...?? WTF    serious fix this most basic problem.

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