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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Can open Open office add?
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:57:53 GMT
Have you checked the definition of these functions, like SUM(), in the OpenFormula specification
before you get too carried away?  Those have to be reconciled with the data type that a cell
is identified as carrying.  So if the cell is identified as carrying Text, rather than Number,
the rules of OpenFormula prevail.  Now, OpenFormula does not dictate how the type of a cell
is established and how entries via the UI are converted, so you have some leeway there.  Just
be careful, please.

Also, it is preferable, when comparing what is correct or not in interchange among implementations,
to compare with the way the same ODS file (not XLS) is processed when opened by Excel 2013,
for example.  If there is still an interoperability discrepancy, we can narrow that down.
 (Conversions among ODS and XSL[X] just create even more places for possible round-trip defects
having nothing to do with the rules for the SUM function itself.)

Finally, is there a bug report on this, with an example of what is claimed to be a defective
computation?.  It would be good to ground this situation with some actual spreadsheet files
that we can all inspect and be clear about what we are looking at.

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From: Darren Myers [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 06:30
To: Max Merbald;
Subject: RE: Can open Open office add?

I have been working in IT for 32 years, from Mainframe design through to cloud integrations
within VM ESX servers I build. So I know a little bit about hardware and software. I found
the issue, and a team of developers I know have found a resolution.
The backend code for the function doesn't equate for single routines of sum in other formats
based on the cell, that why it errors. However they have proposed a code change that sums
any value numeric where the format is not equal to an integer.
The code allows and can distingish the Value enetered, irraspective of format, and provides
the total. At the moment OpenOffice doesn't, its flawed.

> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 13:37:48 +0100
> From:
> To:;
> Subject: Re: Fwd: Can open Open office add?
> Hello there,
> I used to have a Star Writer from 1988 (Version 3.0) and it was just 
> only a text processing program and did not contain any spreadsheat as it 
> was not a calculation program. I believe the full Star Office only came 
> during the 1990s. I can't tell, however, where the spreadsheets from 
> StarOffice originated.
> Second, of course AOO Calc can add. I've never encountered any problem 
> with it regarding simple calculations like adding. What I have 
> encountered multiple times, however, in 25 years of working with 
> computers is that some people don't really know how to use some software 
> correctly and blame the resulting errors on the software. Often enough 
> they sincerely believe something is wrong with the software while the 
> actual mistake was their own, using, if we go back to the calc 
> programme, a flawed formula or something. Maybe that was the case here.
> Max
> Am 29.10.2014 um 04:57 schrieb jonathon:
> >
> > On 29/10/14 02:36, F C. Costero wrote:
> >> Forwarding in case Darren isn't subscribed. And I see now that my reference
> >> below to 30 years should have been somewhat less, but still many years.
> > Picky.
> > I have no idea if the StarWriter from 1985 included that functionality,
> > but it was not uncommon in spreadsheets of that era.
> > By 1990, it would have been a mandatory feature.
> >
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