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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: Feature porting from LibreOffice
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 07:35:01 GMT
On 09.09.2014 20:58, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Guy Waterval wrote:
>> Not possible for a developer to use a double licence ?
> Sure it is possible. And it is also possible for the copyright holder to
> add the Apache 2 license to work previously released under other,
> usually more restrictive, licenses.
>> Or maybe the double licence is only possible with a couple of two
>> copyleft
>> licences or not copyleft but not with a mix, as a couple with a copyleft
>> licence and another non copyleft ?
> This is totally wrong. I'm sure it's a honest question in your case, but
> a lot of people use this kind of "fake questions" to deliberately spread
> uncertainty about licenses. So, in short, these second group of
> questions is nonsense.
>> Other  question : if an original work is produced under a double licence,
>> which  is the licence of a derivate work : obligatory the initial double
>> licence of the original work or one or the other of the original work ?
> For the meaning we give to "double", this means "take this code under
> either license A or license B, whichever you prefer". If one of the
> option is the Apache License version 2, we can take the code and improve
> it under the Apache License version 2. Then other projects that chose
> more restrictive licensing terms can obviously use our improved code.
> There's no need that I always state that I'm not a lawyer and this is
> not legal advice, right?

I'm a lawyer (Rechtsanwalt - Bundesrepublik Deutschland) and this is not
a legal advice, but Andrea is right.


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