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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Feature porting from LibreOffice
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2014 18:58:20 GMT
Guy Waterval wrote:
> Not possible for a developer to use a double licence ?

Sure it is possible. And it is also possible for the copyright holder to 
add the Apache 2 license to work previously released under other, 
usually more restrictive, licenses.

> Or maybe the double licence is only possible with a couple of two copyleft
> licences or not copyleft but not with a mix, as a couple with a copyleft
> licence and another non copyleft ?

This is totally wrong. I'm sure it's a honest question in your case, but 
a lot of people use this kind of "fake questions" to deliberately spread 
uncertainty about licenses. So, in short, these second group of 
questions is nonsense.

> Other  question : if an original work is produced under a double licence,
> which  is the licence of a derivate work : obligatory the initial double
> licence of the original work or one or the other of the original work ?

For the meaning we give to "double", this means "take this code under 
either license A or license B, whichever you prefer". If one of the 
option is the Apache License version 2, we can take the code and improve 
it under the Apache License version 2. Then other projects that chose 
more restrictive licensing terms can obviously use our improved code.

There's no need that I always state that I'm not a lawyer and this is 
not legal advice, right?


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