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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: Feature porting from LibreOffice
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:41:00 GMT
On 09.09.2014 15:10, Markus Wernig wrote:
> Hi all
> Obviously there are some features in AOO that do not exist in LO and
> vice versa.
> I was wondering what the current possibilities are to get certain
> features from LO integrated into AOO.
> Background: I am currently trying to get some devs together to fix a
> feature (creating digitally signed PDFs) that exists under the
> "experimental" features of LO (and does not work at the moment). If that
> should succeed, I would like to see that feature also in AOO.
> Would this be possible at all? Or would we need to rewrite the entire
> code and practically reimplement it in AOO?
> Just how would we go about it once it is fixed in LO?

That's a problem of licenses. The Apache License has no so called
copyleft, so LibreOffice can use our code. But LibreOffice uses licences
with a (weak) copyleft, so we can't use their code, if the developer
doesn't use also the Apache License (v 2.0) for his or hers code.

So: if you want to share your code with Apache OpenOffice, use the
Apache License version 2.0.

But there midht be strong problems, if your patch is a derivative work
from code which is under copyleft licenses only.


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