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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: DocFormats - Open source OOXML implementation
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2014 22:26:16 GMT
On 15/08/2014 Peter Kelly wrote:
> Those of you interested in OOXML may want to have a look at my own
> implementation of (a subset of) the spec, which is part of a library
> I've just made available as open source (license is ASLv2):

It's very interesting. I hope that in future it may become relevant to 
OpenOffice or to Apache at large.

> The design is based on bidirectional transformation, as a way of
> achieving non-destructive editing of foreign file formats. This permits
> incremental implementation of a given spec without risking data loss due
> to incomplete features, since unsupported features of a given file
> format are left untouched on save.

Does this mean that
$ dfutil/dfutil filename.docx filename.html
$ dfutil/dfutil filename.html filename2.docx
should produce a "filename2.docx" that is quite similar to 
"filename.docx"? It is failing rather badly (invalid OOXML output in the 
second conversion, ZIP container clearly missing files and possible 
breaking order) in a simple test I did with a 1-page docx file.

What is the best channel to report issues?

> I'll be presenting on this at ApacheCon EU this November - see the talk
> "Addressing File Format Compatibility in Word Processors" at

Looking forward to see it live!


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