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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Impress/ presentation - arrange graphics - send to back
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2014 20:16:56 GMT
Hi Peter,

Peter Stölzgen schrieb:
> Dear People from the OpenOffice developer community,
> I need help with programming a script for OpenOffice Impress.
> My script alread has the below features
> * save presentation document
> * read values from text boxes which are placed on slide 'Control'
> * according the the above values a specified directory is searched for
> images

I don't know yet whether the layer "Control" has the same properties in 
Impress than in Draw. But in Draw the shapes on the layer "Control" are 
always on top of the shapes from the other layers.

> * corresponding to the number of images that were found
> .. + slide 2 (index 1) is copied and pasted ... OR
> .. + last slide/ slide with highest index is deleted
> * save presentation document
> * presentation is exported as PDF document and stored in a specified
> directory
> Unfortunately I didn't find a way to send the images to back. If this
> feature would be executed using the mouse the procedure would be:
> * right click image
> * context menu will be displayed
> * select below item from context menu
> .. Arrange > Send To Back

The arrangement effects the property "ZOrder". The shape with ZOrder=0 
is drawn first and therefor at the back, but still in layer "layout". 
You can manipulate the ZOrder, see
The draw page supports the service ShapeCollection, which gives you 
access to the shapes.

But I'm not sure, whether "Send To Back" is what you really want. "Send 
to Back" makes only sense, if there are several shapes overlapping each 
other. Perhaps you want to set a shape to a background layer?

Kind regards

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