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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: OOXML
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2014 17:56:28 GMT
Below, Jan asks

  “Does a consumer normally have some sort of conformance sheet 
    (like we have for communication protocols) or is it solely the user 
    that painfully finds the lack of support ?”

I think this is easy to answer.  Where have you found an ODF conformance sheet for Apache
OpenOffice?  LibreOffice?

Many choices of what to implement and also deviations of the way features are implemented
are left implementation-dependent.  In ODF 1.2 there are more cases where *implementation-defined*
is a requirement.  I am not aware how any of those have come up for AOO and LibO and how the
implementation-based choices are defined, if any.

Here is a serious conformance statement I have found: 

Here are some about ODF (scroll down to [MS-OODF], [MS-OODF2], and [MS-OODF3], 

Here’s the on-line version of the one for ODF 1.2 support: 

It is instructive to expand the sidebar section 2 Standards Support Statements and 2.1 Normative
Variations.  (I never know what it means to say something is not supported.  I believe it
is clear that such features are not produced, but I have no idea what happens when a not-supported
provision is encountered in an input document.  All in all, I think this is, compared to other
implementations, a “glass-half-full” condition.)

In the past there was an on-line database that you could use to review compliance with ODF
feature by feature, line chapter and verse.  It provided for user comments and questions at
that level.  It was ill-maintained and I can no longer find it.  It looks like the [MS-OODFn]
documents have taken on that task.  The statements in those documents are very much what was
to be found on the database.

Cynics will point out that the EUC required Microsoft to describe all deviations in its support
of ODF.  It is unfortunate that the EUC did not consider that such statements would be important
from other sources of ODF Consumers as well.

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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 3, 2014 00:57
To: dev; Dennis Hamilton
Subject: Re: OOXML

On 2 August 2014 22:31, Dennis E. Hamilton <> wrote:
> [ ... ] There is no strict minimum Conforming OpenDocument
> Consumer.  A consumer must not object to anything in the document file that
> conforms to the ODF specification, but it is not required to "interpret"
> all or even any minimum set of features.  There is no producer that I am
> aware of that produces all features provided for in the ODF specification,
> and most implementations only interpret those features that they are
> designed to produce (sometimes incorrectly) themselves.  This doesn't
> matter too much if you use implementations with a common genealogy, but
> across independent implementations not having any common code base there
> tend to be unexpected surprises.  There are also many places where a
> provision of ODF is not rigorously defined and implementation-dependent
> variation is the result, whether explicitly called out (e.g., for macros
> and scripts) or not (e.g., for supported image formats).

Does a consumer normally have some sort of conformance sheet (like we have
for communication protocols) or is it solely the user that painfully finds
the lack of support ?

[ ... ]

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