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From "Steele, Raymond" <>
Subject RE: EXTERNAL: Re: NSS Module
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 19:24:35 GMT
Just wanted to let you know that I resolved this by pointing xmlsecurity to the local NSS libraries
installed with firefox. This was done  by adding it to  the LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable.

-----Original Message-----
From: Herbert Duerr [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 4:11 AM
Subject: Re: EXTERNAL: Re: NSS Module

On 26.06.2014 02:32, Steele, Raymond wrote:
> Where is the build output located?

It is emitted to stdout unless you used the --html option in your build command. To capture
stdout either redirect it with e.g.
   build --all -P2 >stdout.log -- -P2
or use a pipe and the tee command
   build --all -P2 -- -P2 | tee stdout.log to capture it and watch the progress at the same

>  I have NSS on my system, but the --with-system-nss flag is not an option. If I use --with-system-libs,
wouldn't that enable system-libs for all software?

I'm no expert on AOO's configure system but as far as I know the option --with-system-libs
should only enable the system libs where development headers and libraries are available on
the build system.

There is still the question on whether the system-nss is being used: 
The makefile output ("NSS is not being built because...") would be one important piece of
information containing the relevant environment variables "ENABLE_NSS_MODULE" and "SYSTEM_NSS".
The environment variables are of course also visible in the... environment once you sourced
the platform specific file mentioned by the configure script.


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