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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE][PLANNING]: possible date for AOO 4.1.1
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2014 12:10:04 GMT
Issues for potential updates of dictionaries are required as well


On 18/06/14 13:18, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently thinking about a possible release date for AOO 4.1.1 and
> believe a date in August would be good. The main question is how long
> the QA work will take?
> AOO 4.1.1 will be a bugfix release only with some additional translation
> update and potentially new languages.
> A further point is if we make a Beta or not or work with RC candidates
> only. Again it is a bugfix release only and every official release (and
> a Beta is official) needs more effort. And when I try to reflect the
> last Beta I don't think it was very successful. We had >300000 downloads
> and thought we would receive the necessary and good feedback we need to
> release a good version. AOO 4.1 is good but we have some serious issues
> that were not detected during normal Qa and not during the Beta phase of
> active Beta users.
> Currently we have 26 issues with granted or requested showstopper flag.
> Most of them are already fixed.
> I haven't seen any issue so far a translation update. If issues exist
> already please request the showstopper flag asap.
> We have no new strings and I know that update work or fixing of
> translation is already ongoing. We should plan in time with a deadline
> for translation updates. I think a possible date can be mid of July. We
> need a fixed date that people can plan accordingly, otherwise we run
> always in the same situation and changes are coming in late. But that
> don't scale very well and we should keep deadlines in mind.
> What does others think about it?
> Juergen
> PS: this mail is on dev only because dev is our main mailing list. We
> have again the situation that people active on QA or l18n don't read dev
> which is problematic because they potentially miss important news for
> upcoming releases. But sending info on all lists will result is split
> discussion that I would like to avoid. I didn't really worked in the
> past, even not with a reply-to filed. Well final deadlines will be
> communicated on the qa@ and l18n@ list as well.

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