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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Work on Change-Tracking
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:45:37 GMT
Louis, you ask an interesting question.

I checked on the ODF SDK incubator project and there is no specific support for change-tracking
of any flavor there.

The higher-level Document API (called Simple API historically) has no methods for enabling,
reviewing, or even recognizing tracked changes.  Although that API could hide the complexities
of change-tracking, there is no indication that it is going on under the covers.  In particular,
there is no way to provide the provenance metadata that is stored with a tracked change (the
<office:change-info> element).  I have no idea what would happen at the Simple API on
manipulating a document that already had tracked-change information in it.

The lower-level ODF DOM API has classes that are derived from the ODF Document RNG Schema,
so the piece parts have to be there -- that is, the element types involved in tracked-changes
are all present in the DOM and presumably they place properly within the hierarchical structure
of the document format.  Coordination between change marks and components within a <text:tracked-changes>
element are apparently an exercise left to the student.  

Although the ODF DOM classes are derived from the ODF Document RNG Schema, there is evidently
a prospect for introducing foreign elements, attributes, and attribute values.  I have not
looked deeply enough to see how the necessary namespace bindings can be introduced for foreign
elements and attributes (and foreign QNames and prefixes in attribute values).

I'm not certain how the ODF SDK is helpful in this area, unless it is for proof-of-concept
work and manufacturing of test documents.  It is something to think about.  It is also important
to determine whether documents with tracked changes of any sort can be manipulated via the
ODF SDK, especially the Simple API.

I also think it would be interesting to see what the ODF Validator that is part of the ODF
SDK project would do or could be adapted to handle with regard to documents complicated by
the presence of tracked changes.  I don't know how much referential-integrity checking is
done at that level, although it would be useful to have that with regard to all cases of cross-referencing
within the document structure.

Thanks for raising that question.

 - Dennis

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Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 11:05
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This is pretty interesting, Dennis! But it makes me wonder. Do we have an updated (that is,
current) ODF SDK? (Perhaps out of the ODF Toolkit project?)


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