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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [Lazy Consensus] link to a german forum
Date Mon, 26 May 2014 21:36:30 GMT
> From: Andrea Pescetti [] 

> Joerg, it must be clear (and I agree: this is not clear to everybody) 
> that consensus decisions do not work as a yes/no decisions. 

> Did Consensus Decisions do not work as a yes / no Decisions. 

yes, that's clear to me I have read the site: 

But let me tell you the consequence that I see: 

If there is no concensus, even after we have discussed, then you could please

but ... I do _not must_ have to ask and if I do not do it, then the problem
remains unsolved.

What I'm saying is the "Lazy Consensus" is a way if someone wants to do something
specific, then he gets no consent is and there are other opinions, then a other is
not automatically does the work.

I hope that's right?

> - there is a problem (and the problem in your case is clear: we point 
> all users at as the main support resource, but a 
> German-speaking user won't find anything useful on that page)

Yes, i agree

> - someone, in this case you, proposes a solution
> - the discussion can show that the solution should be a 
> different one, 
> but this doesn't remove the problem!


> - we explore different solutions that can be better in our case, and 
> this is what I'm proposing above

yes, you did, but there is one detail: the AOO community can not decide what to do
an external forum, and as I see it would have been necessary because you said:

"- a possible migration so that the two forums are hosted on the same 
Platform ..."

But this is not my interest, I just want to temporarily create a hyperlink to the
external forum until we have a German-language forum at AOO. 

What can I say to explain: 
Please respect that the external forum does not want to be part of another
project. This is not a decision forever, but it is the decision for now.


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