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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: How to update, commit and publish only a single file/directory? [WAS: Re: need wiki help]
Date Mon, 19 May 2014 19:17:00 GMT
Am 05/19/2014 09:51 AM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
> On 29/04/2014 Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>> The main point is *where you are* in the CMS Browse View when you click
>> on the "Update" link.
> I tried several times, but I'm not sure it works for me. Maybe it works
> if we see "update" as "update this directory".
>> Example to update and publish only a file:
>> 1. In your browser open, e.g.,
>> "".
>> 2. Open the CMS via the bookmarklet.
>> 3. Click on the link "[Edit]" in the row of the "index.html" file.
>> 4. Click on the link "[Update]".
>> 5. Do your changes in the file.
>> 6. Commit your changes.
>> 7. On the following page click on the link "[Publish]".
> In the last days I tried to do this for the main index.html page and for
> the download/devbuilds.html page. I commit to SVN directly (so I don't
> use the CMS for editing pages), but the rest works as you describe. So I
> browse to download/ in the CMS and when I update it downloads my changed
> devbuilds.html page and nothing else. But then, when I publish, if I

Then you have update the *complete directory* but *not the single file*.

OK, I'll do it again:

1. Open w.oo.o/index.html
2. Login via CMS bookmarklet
3. Click on [Edit] in the row for "index.html"
4. Click on [Update] on the top
5. Only this file was updated
> click "View diff" I see all the changes in "download".
> So maybe committing through SVN means that I'm forced to update the
> directory, and thus if I change the main index.html file I must publish
> the whole site, and if I change devbuilds.html I must publish the whole
> subtree (download/) containing it? In that setup, indeed I wasn't able
> to find a command like "Update this file only".

No, SVN is outside of this. I do it like you. It's like I wrote on the top:

The main point is *where you are* in the CMS Browse View when you click 
on the "Update" link.

That means:
When you are in a directory, e.g., "download/" and click on "Update" 
then you get every new thing of this directory.

But when a single file, e.g., "devbuild.html" is shown and you click on 
the "Update" link then only this file is updated and nothing else.

Please can you try it and confirm?



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