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From "circulars" <>
Subject Re: Improving OpenOffice's User Experience
Date Fri, 16 May 2014 16:31:21 GMT
Me too for the link.
Would suggest that the triaging of bugs could also be usefully improved from the bug reporters
perspective. Too many are still falling through into the unconfirmed black hole even when
indisputably there is problem. This is ultimately discouraging for the reporter, all the more
so when responses go unanswered.
One reason seems to be for lack of sufficient detail to replicate the bug from scratch, even
though its existence is not in dispute.  *Issue 124772*
 is an example. 
An improvement might be for 'confirmed' to mean that the bug, fault, problem or whatever it
is has been confirmed to exist - and no more than that. Then have a second category - struggling
for a name - for bugs that are sufficiently reproducable documented to go forward for rectification.
An additional reason is a lack of definition of what a bug actually is.  *Issue 124886*
 ends up as a nasty rounding error, not a bug, so remains unconfirmed. So what do you do about
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From: Tal Daniel
Sent: 05/16/14 10:06 AM
To: dev
Subject: Re: Improving OpenOffice's User Experience

+1 for Adding a "Report a bug/issue" link, that will open Bugzilla/issues site. Making it
easier for people to reports bugs conveys an implicit message of "we want your feedback".
Brennan, did you file your idea as an enhancemet request? Tal On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 5:55
PM, Brennan Novak <> wrote: > Hello OpenOffice Team, > >
My name is Brennan. I am a user experience designer & engineer, I am > currently building
the FOSS crypto-webmail project Mailpile... perhaps you > have heard of it :) > >
Here is a link explaining the current user experience flow which I > experienced as a major
pain point this morning trying to file my first > OpenOffice bug report: > >
> > I believe my initial bug is quite valid and should be fixed. But, I also > believe
that it is equally valid to improve the user experience of > reporting bugs themselves-
the 10 step process I found myself in was a > quagmire that I almost gave up on, but I
resolved when 
 I started working on > Mailpile to be better member of the FOSS community and to strive
to report > UX bugs by giving other FOSS projects more patience, empathy, and effort to
> help them improve! > > I realize that making it easier to file bugs will probably
increase your > volume of bugs filed (certainly a mixed blessing), and that this will >
require more filtering & diligence from your team to weed through them. I > am completely
unaware of what resources OO has and how feasible this, but > it seems fortuitous to improve
things a bit from the current state. > > I have numerous other improvement ideas I have
encountered in the setup > and updating flows of OpenOffice and would be willing to share
them, so > long as it is helpful to your team! > > Sincerely, > Brennan Novak
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