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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Getting started with development
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 08:52:26 GMT
On 10.02.2014 18:32, Pranet Verma wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the link.
> I completed the build earlier, but i'm still not able to achieve the task
> listed here
> 1)
> This is the exact change i made in the file(Accelerators.xcu): (after line
> 123)
> <!-- Tutorial-1 -->
>     <node oor:name="T_MOD1" oor:op="replace">
>      <prop oor:name="Command"><value xml:lang="x-no-translate">I10N
>       <value xml:lang="en-US">.uno:About</value>
>      </prop>
>     </node>
>     <!--  -->
> 2) Now the next steps says
> "*You can copy your changed Accelerators.xcu file directly into the install
> directory (\
> 3\Basis\share\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office\Accelerators.xcu).*
> - Im unable to find this file. When they say install directory, Im assuming
> they mean : opt/openoffice4/

Sadly, this information is outdated.

>   So i tried the next option:
> *Or, you can build the module and rebuild the installer (this assumed you
> have previously fully built it, if not then just do the usual build --all
> -P4 from the instsetoo module).*
> Did this one i think. Just followed the building guide and got the software
> running earlier. So far so good(I think)
> *From the $SRCROOT\officecfg directory call "build", then "deliver" to send
> the changed Accelerators.xcu file to the solenv module.*
> Im assuming this is: source/aoo-trunk/main/officecfg        . There is no
> option to call build or deliver (these are terminal commands here?)

The module postprocess/ has to be built, too. So, do

cd officecfg
cd ../postprocess
cd ../instsetoo_native

And install the new set of packages (I assume you are working on 
Linux).  The part that is missing from the Wiki page seems to be that 
several XCU files have to be combined into main.xcd (that is done in 
postprocess/).  You can skip building a new installation set

cd ../instsetoo_native

and just copy main.xcd into your installed office like

cd ..   # (to get back to main/)
cp solver/410/<platform>/xml/main.xcd 

where <platform> the content of the $INPATH environment variable and 
<office-installation> is something like /opt/openoffice4/

If you succeed then we can think about updating the Wiki page.


> EDIT: i called
> "./bootstrap" and then "source<>"
> from main/ and then repeated the above step. It worked. Ouput:
> deliver -- version: 275594
> Module 'officecfg' delivered successfully. 1 files copied, 247 files unchanged
> *Then change to the instsetoo module and call "build", then install.*
> I dont need to do "build -all" here do I? I just used "build", and it did
> so.
> 3)After installing when I run, the software and press ctrl+T nothing
> happens.
> Could you please tell me where I'm going wrong?
> Thank You
> On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 10:43 PM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 10:03 AM, Pranet Verma <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Could you please tell me how to get started with Open Office development?
>>> I began by following this guide :
>>> , but after building the source and installing the program when I reached
>>> the first tutorial ( )
>> it
>>> failed(I'm pretty sure i followed all the steps but ctrl+T just doesnt
>> work
>>> like its supposed to) .
>>> The page does seem to be outdated to me (considering some folder name and
>>> syntax of files do not match with the guide, though i may be wrong), I
>> was
>>> wondering if there was a better source to learn from.
>>> I'm reasonably comfortable with c/c++ , and am pretty active in
>> competitive
>>> programming, but developments new for me , so any help is appreciated.
>>> Also, if possible could you direct me to modules using c/c++
>> specifically?
>>> Im open to learning new languages, but to start with I would prefer
>> working
>>> in a familiar environment.
>> Hi Pranet,
>> Welcome to the Apache OpenOffice project!   I'd recommend taking a
>> look at our New Volunteer orientation pages for some useful background
>> on the project and how it works:
>> The page on getting started with development is the key one:
>> That will get you started on downloading the source code and doing
>> your first build of OpenOffice.  Getting a build running on Linux is
>> pretty easy.  Windows takes a bit more effort to set up the pre-reqs.
>> (I've never done a Mac build, but I hear it is easy as well).  Either
>> way, give it a try and post further messages if you get stuck.
>> Regards,
>> -Rob
>>> Thank You

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