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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Extension URL has changed since yesterday?
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 08:07:43 GMT
Marco A.G.Pinto wrote:
> previous URL:
> URL now:
> The "services" vanished in the new URL.
> Is there a way of fixing it, or will I need to upload a new OXT? Or can
> Andrea change it personally?

Multiple discussions on multiple lists with multiple additional 
recipients do not help clarity but... I repeat here too that I see it 
working normally now.

The URL with "services" is still supported but (in the long term) you 
should use the one without it.

And the technical justification is probably completely different than 
what you imagined: probably you did something wrong with the extension, 
not the release (like editing the description and thus triggering the 
anti-spam filter, and thus unpublishing the extension, and thus being 
able to see it only if you were logged in, and while it is the same site 
you were logged in at but not at so you had access denied in the 
latter; happened to me once too with the Italian dictionary). Anyway, 
the issue seems solved.

> The issue is that the link in the Extension Manager will point to the
> previous one.

This should change. With no hurry, but in the next release remove 
"services" from the URLs.


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