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From Rainer Bielefeld <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla: Keyword "regression"
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 15:49:41 GMT
Rob Weir schrieb:

> I wonder whether a combination of the regression flag and the version
> field would give us everything we need to know?


that's the main intentions behind my suggestion. If we know we have had 
a regression (not too long ago, with "Regression keyword) and also have 
found the version where it appeared, we can find the commit what causes 
the problem. With reasons for the commit fresh in their mind developers 
should be able to fix that quickly. With old regressions that's more 
difficult, nobody remembers why the code changes have been done and what 
later commits' functions will break after changes in that area.

So the "regression" keyword can be a flag showing that here is an 
annoying mishap what can be fixed with probably bearable "costs".



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