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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: EN forum: change of admin mailbox (and some thoughts)
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2013 01:36:17 GMT
On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 6:47 PM, Hagar Delest <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> For the record, I've created a Gmail account ( so
> that users can really contact the forum team. We had in the past an
> automatic process that could reply and give the user basic information
> (registered or not, ...). Since it's no longer working since the move to
> ASF, we had no means to handle problems from users (login failures and other
> issues).

Is there any reason we can not use a mailing list for this?  I'd
rather we use an Apache-owned mailing list (a private one if needed)
than a GMail account that we do not control.

> We now will be able to check this mailbox (IMAP is the rule to avoid
> synchronization problems).
> The only drawback is that the mail sent by the forum (notifications mostly)
> are not sent from that address (instead of
> It may break filters set by users (like me).
> But we have been too long already without any real way to reply direct users
> questions. We have the history of all the problems reported through the
> admin mailbox (before the move to ASF) so we know that we need it. This is
> part of the high quality of service we want to provide.

None of this is new at Apache.  We have, for example, an
Apache-controlled mailing lists for Bugzilla admins.   We've had some
discussion about having an AOO-wide admin mailing list address for
similar types of issues.

> I'm rather worried by the turn over in the admins of the forum. First Terry,
> then JanI who did a lot to update the forums and wiki, then RGB who is
> suddenly taking a long break (announced in the private section of the
> forum). Imacat seems to have other priorities so there is no one left.
> The forums need at least a periodic maintenance to avoid problems like few
> months ago. For the record, phpBB is not up to date, the download icon has
> not been changed yet and of course, there is no automated mailbox reply.
> The forums have proved that they were rather efficient, they are a huge
> knowledge base now. But strangely, when it comes to administration, no one
> can resist very long.
> So is there any problem? Are the forums really part of the roadmap in this
> project?

You tell me.   When the forums came to Apache, you and others insisted
on a large degree of autonomy, to manage your own volunteers according
to your familiar rules.  Hopefully part of this was for volunteers,
with the needed skills, to advance via merit, to take on larger
responsibilities, including eventually admin and sys admin roles.  Is
this not happening?

Have you done a "call for volunteers" recently?  We've had a lot of
luck doing that to find Translators, QA, Doc, etc.  We haven't done
this for forum admins since the assumption (my assumption at least)
was you wanted the forum admins to be familiar with how you run things
there.  But if you want to do a more public "call for volunteers" you
can certainly use our project blog for that.



> Hagar
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