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From jan i <>
Subject Re: AOO is now also available as GIT (READ-ONLY).
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 14:37:27 GMT
On 19 December 2013 11:22, Herbert Duerr <> wrote:

> On 18.12.2013 18:38, jan i wrote:
>> Infra-5590 has now been solved, thanks to an effort from jfarrell:
>> <jfarrell> 16:11:32> janIV: christmas gift for you. took a little over a
>> week to wrap, had to use duct tape along the way. git ls-remote git://
>> Please have a look at our new READ-ONLY git mirror.
> That's great news, thanks! Kudos to Jake. Having a reference
> git-repository will allow us to do some nifty things:
> I'll prepare some git-packs with pre-AOO history from its older Mercurial,
> Subversion and maybe even from its CVS-based open-source ancestors. Using
> git's "graft" facilities this will make it much easier to research the
> history of parts of the codebase where noone is left to tell the story or
> its details. Having the individual commit comments and their issue numbers
> is invaluable then.
> Is there a gitweb or similar frontend to our git-mirror? Then we could
> e.g. provide a link from the nightly builds to their respective version
> history.
> As expected in my JIRA-request the two-level deep svn-branches (i.e.
> alg/aw080 and alg/sysdepgs) have been munged into one git-branch...
We have anyhow to consider it the GIT branch is a practial solution, I just
did a branch switch and encountered 2 problem:
1. The switch alone to 20 minutes
2. I had to rebuilt everything because (in my case) is used
for trunk and branch.

We can with a relative simple patch "platform=" to configure avoid 2, but 1
is going to be PITN.

> Also the symphony branch is missing because it was checked into svn at a
> non-canonic location so the git-mirror couldn't pick it up.

If those branches are changed to "normal", the mirror should pick it up.

>  Once everybody is happy, we can consider moving fully to GIT, I will
>> however recommend to it imidiatly after next release.
> I'll have to adjust the svn2bz bot, we'll have to adjust the buildbots and
> there are some other scripts that have to be updated before we can think
> about a full switch.
> But I look forward to git's proper author attributions, interactive
> rebasing, intact individual commits after merges, nice cherry-picks, etc.
I think we should have a discussion on the list. I am convinced that git
offer some advantages but also some disadvantages (like branch switching)
and I feel everybody should have a clear view of pro/con before we decide.

jan I.

> Herbert
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