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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: German community needs a second mailing list for effective working
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2013 10:39:55 GMT
> From: Rob Weir [] 

> > You're absolutely right and I hope it will be able to 
> change that in the future, because it is a big problem for a 
> software aimed at end users.
> >
> I was trying to make a slightly different observation.  We have the
> ASF which is a foundation.  The foundation includes many projects ==
> Top Level Projects, Incubator, etc.  We should not be calling anything
> else a "project".  This is different from OOo where we had other
> things called "projects", e.g., the "marketing project", etc.

This part of your considerations has my consent (*) and should _not_ _now_ be subject.

by which I mean I respect the decision of the Foundation as it is. That does not mean I will
not work to the Foundation the changes her mind to it ( not now, but maybe in 5-10 years )

Now please let's talk about the risk of confusion by the "de" talk:

The argument was not logical, because the situation is already (and has been for more than
2 years!) that _there is_ a mailing list

So if the "de" in the name of a mailing list, suitable to donate to the confusion there would
be a "German project", do it this mailing list _already_.

Logic is simple logic, and that is:

_if_ the "de" disturbs, then we must also rename the "users-de", _if_ "users-de" is OK, so
is also "dev-de" OK ... this is the point.

> If we want to avoid confusion, especially when talking to other parts
> of Apache, we should think of a different term to use in these cases.
> Something like team, mission, special interest group, subcommittee,
> function, area, etc.

"team" or "special interest group" is OK for me, but it's a German speaking group. 
*If we do not mark, it is just as misleading as some others.*

The point is _not_ that we _want_ to speak German, but we _have_ to speak German for the concrete
work in Germany.

Is it really only the "de" what bothers you?
*Then let us find a replacement for it, because I do not "de" not important, but just any
marking that is the list in German.*

the proposal of Marcus was:

project-de @

and if that does not seem good, as would be with, for example:




(which contains _your_ word "team")



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