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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: AOO is now also available as GIT (READ-ONLY).
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 15:28:50 GMT
Hello Jan,

On 19.12.2013 15:37, jan i wrote:
> We have anyhow to consider it the GIT branch is a practial solution, I just
> did a branch switch and encountered 2 problem:
> 1. The switch alone to 20 minutes

A svn switch between two branches takes about the same time, doesn't it? 
Window's file access is unfortunately quite slow. On Linux or on Mac the 
filesystems are no bottleneck so checkouts don't take long.

> 2. I had to rebuilt everything because (in my case) is used
> for trunk and branch.

Well, if trunk and branch are incompatible (i.e. some project wide 
headers changed, build options changed or there are binary 
incompatibilites between some libs) then you need clean rebuilds or 
different output trees regardless of the version control system. Does 
subversion have some magic that makes such incompatibilities go away? If 
there is such a magic then that would certainly be nobel price worthy ;-)

But maybe you are using a different setup for your svn repos? Do you 
have one checkout per branch you are interested in? You can do the same 
with git of course and with git-clone's --reference option you can even 
share the "meat" of the different repositories, which is something very 
nice that I missed in Mercurial or now in Subversion.

> We can with a relative simple patch "platform=" to configure avoid 2, but 1
> is going to be PITN.
>> Also the symphony branch is missing because it was checked into svn at a
>> non-canonic location so the git-mirror couldn't pick it up.
> If those branches are changed to "normal", the mirror should pick it up.


>> But I look forward to git's proper author attributions, interactive
>> rebasing, intact individual commits after merges, nice cherry-picks, etc.
> I think we should have a discussion on the list. I am convinced that git
> offer some advantages but also some disadvantages (like branch switching)
> and I feel everybody should have a clear view of pro/con before we decide.



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